FME project in Model builder/ArcMap?

07-09-2013 08:51 AM
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I have an FME project with published parameters that I would like to access from ArcMap somehow. I thought I had achieved this before, using the FME extention, but now I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it.

Is it possible to make a tool in ArcMap that uses my FME project?
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You need to enable FME for Arc in order to dothis.
I'm assuming you have an FME licence.
Go to Start> All Programs> FME Desktop > Utilities > FME Integration console.
In here you need to enable FME for Arc.
Now within Arc, in catalog, when you right click on a toolbox, you will see an option to create an FME tool.  Create one of these, right click on it to Edit it and FME will launch.
You can then just import your FME tool into this and then add it to your modelbuilder model like you would embed any other model.
I hope this helps!
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Hi Daniel, 

Is this still the case in Pro 3.1  or are there different tools now with building a Model Builder in Pro 3.1 that can be sent to FME ? 
I'm trying to identify the ETLs that do what a spatial join does, but it seems it is more complicated scenario in FME? 

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