Flat-ended buffers not flat

03-13-2013 08:25 AM
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I am trying to construct flat-ended buffers along overlapping line segments.  I need to be able to buffer the line width independently of the line length.  That is, I do not want the additional length that is added with the round buffer ends because I need to be able to create a buffer that is wider (e.g., 800-m width) than it is long (e.g., 400-m long).  I thought this would be quite simple.

I made my buffers with flat ends using the buffer analysis tool.
arcpy.Buffer_analysis("DeploySegs_400m", "R:\AnnMarie\BufferDeploymentsMainChan\BuffDeploySegs_L400mW800m", "800 Meters", "FULL", "FLAT")

Unfortunately, I have the same problem that Dan Austin reported in January 2009.  Here are my buffers with a problematic one selected:

Is there a solution for this yet?  If not, has anyone figured out a work-around?  I've got thousands of these buffers, so manually editing them isn't really an option. 

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