FeatureCompare problem

07-09-2013 04:30 PM
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I'm having a problem where the Feature Compare tool is not working as expected.
I am trying to compare the shapes of two polygons between the two feature classes - both have only two polygons.  I am using the geoprocessing tool and not a script.
The result states that the "Geometries are the same", but as you can see from the attachment this is clearly not the case (nearly 70 meters off).  Most of the vertices are coincident, but not in this particular area.
I have my input parameters below.  Does anyone see where I'm going wrong?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Arc 10.0 - ArcInfo
Both FCs are in a FGDB, but not the same feature dataset
Both FCs have identical spatial reference

Input parameters:
* sort field:  compare (I added this field to both, and double checked to make sure "1" and "2" represented the appropriate polygons)
* Compare type:  GEOMETRY_ONLY
* Ignore options:  ignore Z, M, PointID, ExtensionProps, SubTypes, RelationshipClasses, and RepresentationClasses (in other words...everything)
* XY Tolerance:  0.001 Meters
* M Tolerance: 0
* Z Tolerance: 0
* Attribute Tolerance:  <blank>
* Omit Fields:  <all of them except for the "compare" field>
* Continue Comparison: true

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