Feature does not correspond with base map

03-31-2014 04:13 AM
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I am working on a LULC Project in Austria and got several shapefiles from different sources. I really have issues to get them together for Analysis. The attached sreenshot sums it up pretty good. The borders of Austria lie about 500km to far east. I am using a projected coordinate System (MGI_M31) for both, the data Frame and the shapefile. I guess ist some Kind of banality but im really stuck here.
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Hi Sol and thanks for your answer.
I already used the define projection tool with no satisfying result. I always changed the coordinate system in the catalog which has the same result if I got it right. What you refer to as raster image is the basemap provided by ArcMAp. so I suppose it is displayed as defined in the data frame properties???
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Try redefining (not reprojecting) the data to MGI Austria GK Central. Its false easting value is 0, while M31 uses 450km. You should also set a geographic (datum) transformation between MGI and WGS84. Try MGI_To_WGS_1984_3.

Basemaps from Esri almost all use WGS 1984 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere).