Export of a Network (Adjacency) Matrix

04-29-2015 03:21 PM
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thank you in advance for reading or even helping me out.
For a student project, I want to get a matrix which tells me, which points are connected to each other within a network.
It is my very first work with GIS. I have some experience with programming.
I read some articles concerning similar topics and learned that this kind of export is usually not needed because ArcGIS uses those information internally.

The data I use is an OSM Download. I got one layer with the street layout and one with the centroids of the buildings alongside the road. With the OSM tools I am able to build a network from the streets.

1) Is it possible to "connect" the building points with the lines I created with a near_Analayis and XYToLine_management to the street layer?

2) How can I export a Matrix (.csv file or similar) that shows me, which buildings are connected to which other buildings? Ideally in a adjascent / spares Matrix

I would love to hear your feedback and can provide further information if needed.


- I used the OpenStreetMap Toolbox to import the .osm files
- I can create a Network for the Network Analyst with the same Toolbox
- It's also possible to create a geometric network with this data


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