Error Inspector in Topology Tool

03-06-2012 06:45 PM
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Hi everyone,
I have an urgent question about the error inspector in topology tool.
Is there a way that to EXPORT the error inspector table?

It shows the error as a table but there is no way/option to export it as a table.
I am also trying to write the python script to see if it works.
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At version 10.0 this is not possible.  The only export options that you have are to export a list of the total amount of errors / type via ArcCatalog.

ArcCatalog > Topology Properties > Errors Tab > Generate Summary

However, in the upcoming release of 10.1 there is a new GP tool which will do exactly this.  Actually, it outputs to a feature class, but if you wanted only the table you could export the attribute table from there.

Export Topology Errors (Data Management) @ 10.1

With this new GP tool you can also access it via python.
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Thanks for your reply. The info is very helpful because it saves a lot of time on looking how to extract it as a table. Thanks!
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