Error in a Project tool: Table already exists

02-18-2018 07:38 PM
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We use a Project tool with a feature dataset (input) and have an error: "Table already exists".


We try to project a feature dataset and put the output to the same geodatabase.


On the same feature dataset, we run a tool Copy without any problem (It creates a copy of the feature dataset (we put a parametre OldName_Copy) and feature classes automatically have names OldName_1, OldName_2 ....)

It would be logical to have the same behavior with a Project tool.


It works ok with file geodatabase output (feature classes automatically have names OldName_1, OldName_2 ....)

How to make it working with a database?

Informix database. Desktop 10.5.0

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I am able to run Project tool successfully using ArcMap 10.5. All the FCs get suffixed with "_1" in another Feature Dataset within the same File GDB. 

Not sure if it is any different for Informix.

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Can you check the same with a different machine or a different user profile?


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