ERROR 000655: An error was encountered while Validating Synchronize

10-05-2012 07:17 AM
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ArcGIS Server 10

I have published a model to run as a geoprocessing service. The model uses the ArcToolbox Synchronize Changes tool. When I run the GP service, it causes this error.

esriJobMessageTypeError: ERROR 000655: An error was encountered while Validating Synchronize.

It seems to lose the name of the replica somehow. When I validate the model again, it finds it. It seems to run fine through the model builder interface. When running as a published service, it doesn't do so well.

Any thoughts?
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I faced the same problem when i'm working with ArcGIS server 10.2
the Synchronization model is run successfully from the model builder but fails from the geoprocessing service.
is there any one face the same problem and find a solution for it

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