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Error 000013 - Length of Field Name - Python

02-13-2024 01:58 PM
Occasional Contributor III

I am not sure why because I have NOT had a problem until I did a Windows Update and a ArcGIS Pro update. All of my scripts have been running fine.

I am using Python Idle 3.9.18 and getting this code:

Error 000013: Length of Field Name must not be larger than 10. Failed to execute (Calculate Field).

Is there something I can do because I have a large number of scripts that use the Add Field and Calculate Field tools and none will run properly anymore because of this code.

Any other upgrades I need?

Thank You

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Regular Contributor II

The limit for a shapefile field is 10 characters. Are you really still using shapefiles? Not really very sympathetic if you are! Maybe you have a path problem so you are pointing at a folder and not a geodatabase.

Some example code might help others explain the probably "obvious" error.

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