Enabling Personal Geodatabase (mdb) download from Extract Data Task

10-07-2011 06:57 AM
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I've been using the extract data task along with the download widget in ArcGIS Viewer for Flex, and I've had a request to add personal geodatabase as one of the available formats for download. I looked at the model, and the properties for the feature class type don't seem to include a list of valid formats, nor did I see it in the Python for the Extract Data piece. Any idea where to enable this? I did see that the Python had some code for handling mdbs, so I'm guessing there's something simple I'm missing. Thanks for any tips!

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For sure. You want to add the following type "Personal Geodatabase - MDB - .mdb".

The last part of the help topic here gives some context.

Basically copy the task into a model of your own. From Model > properties of your model, make sure the feature format is a value list, and add the entry  "Personal Geodatabase - MDB - .mdb".

Hope this helps.
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Thanks Kevin! I was confused because when I edit either the default ESRI "Extract Data Task" model or the local version of it I have, when I right-click on Feature Format and select properties, it says that the variable contains a single value. However, when I follow your instructions exactly and go to the properties of the entire model, I see the list. It's working for me now, thanks again!
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