Does LAS to Multipoint have the option to...

05-17-2021 12:04 PM
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Does the LAS to Multipoint tool have the option to...

1. Transfer LAS embedded attributes like intensity values, scan angle, etc. to a shapefile? It seems like no. If not, what open-source tools allow access to LAS format? 

2. Convert LAS to Multipoint only within a user-defined extent. Such as a polygon .shp boundary. 

3. Decimate. It seems like the post spacing option always converts the full resolution, even if you give it a higher value. It is possible to decimate? And if so, is the decimation done randomly, or is there logic to it. 

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1. No the LAS to Multipoint tool stores the attributes in BLOB format, which is not supported in the shapefile\DBF format. The LASTools software is partially open source and some of the tools can be used for free, and others require a license.

2. For extraction by polygon you will have to run the Extract LAS tool first. If it is a rectangular area the Extent environment variable may work.

3. If you mean the Average Point Spacing parameter in LAS to Multipoint, then that doesn't change the point cloud density, it is just used internally to work out how best to store the multipoints. You would have to use the Thin LAS tool first to reduce the number of points.

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