distance matrix in arcGIS 9.3

08-07-2013 10:57 AM
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hi guys and thanks for reading...

long time mapinfo user trying to get to grips with arcGIS 9.3...

simple task right now but I'm stuck; i have a shapefile with 80 points. I need to produce a table showing the five closest points to each one and the distances for each of the 5.....I'm guessing the resulting table will be 400 records long, those being each of the 80 points appearing 5 times each, with their distances from each of those 5?

any guidance for this newbie is greatly appreciated...


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I, too, am looking for the best method to generate a connectivity matrix among pre-scheduled points along a polyline. (A little different, but I am hopeful someone can give us any lean on where to start.)

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Use Generate Near Table tool (under ArcToolbox > Analysis Tools > Proximity toolset) as follows:

Input Features: your points shapefile
Near Features: your points shapefile again.
Find Only Closest Feature (optional): make sure it is unchecked
Maximum number of closest matches (optional): 5

Run the tool - the output table should contain 400 records. Follow the tool help for details. Let me know if encounter any issue.
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