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Displace polygons from each others?

02-09-2017 06:31 AM
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I am working on generalization of Geological map generalization and as part of it I am dealing with displacement of polygons from each others. Because, in previous steps I enlarged small polygons which are small they became close to each others and now to be displaced. Basic parameter is Object Separation constraint which is 1 mm on the map, meaning, if polygons are closer than 1 mm they should be made further from each other unless it reaches 1 mm distance. Here is the small portion of the map, with red line 14, 40 meters are distance between polygons before and after enlargement respectively. And in green line 25 meters, is the Object Separation distance, how far they should be.

I am considering using buffer as a solution though, is there any other ideas how can I do this better way?

I am using ArcGIS 10.4.

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Sounds extremely tricky.

Rather than modifying the actual data have you had a look at representations?

What are representations?—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

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Representation solves the problem only partially, but if two or more polygons are very close and violates minimum distance constraint, then you should somehow displace them in order to have readable map. One option would be simply removing. Another one is to aggregate them, but sometime either of the not a choice, based on contextual meaning of the polygons. In those cases, I have to move them from each other.  

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If you have advanced license , I think that Resolve Building Conflicts—Help | ArcGIS Desktop tool will help you.

you will need to create line feature for separator conflict . I've never try this tool before but I think that will be useful for your case.