Detecting mound boundaries

03-25-2013 03:35 AM
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Hello all,

Does anyone have a method for detecting mound boundaries?

I am working on bathymetry data which consists of mound features ~ 50 m high and average 200 m diameter. Some are rounded, many are elongate. The edges of the mounds are difficult to see on a shaded relief image, impeding the ability to place accurate zone boundaries.

The mound boundary could be defined as the point where the 6 degree slope contour begins. I would like to create a polygon at    this slope degree contour boundary; however the resulting 6 degree slope contour raster has many 6 degree contour points (see image). So perhaps a this information could be used in addition to peak heights I.E. create separate polygons around all contiguous areas between the 6 degree slope contour and the peak height.


Or if anyone has software allowing me to utilize (or test) an automated mound detection method that would be ideal.

Thank you,
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