Creating perpendicular polyline at a point

04-11-2012 08:39 AM
New Contributor
I have 3 shapefiles that I want to use to create a perpendicular polyline from. First I have my river polyline, then about 2000 random points along the river line, and finally the riparian area polygon. I need to create a line (a sampling transect) perpendicular to the river polyline that is within (or clipped to) the riparian area boundary. Has anyone ever done anything similar? Or know how to do it simply?

I found this similar thread but it doesn't look like it will quite do what I need it to.  I have only used a script successfully once on ArcGIS 8 (about 7 years ago). I can probably figure it out, but may need some direction.


The Nature Conservancy
Marquette, MI
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