Create Runtime Content - error 999999

04-30-2017 11:48 PM
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I am using ArcGIS Desktop 10.3.1 and running the tool Create Runtime Content but hitting a generic 999999 error.

This error does not occur when  FEATURE_AND_TABULAR_DATA is unchecked.

There is no basemap or locator included.

The mxd data resides in a postgreSQL 9.3 sde schema enterprise geodatabase.

The error is experienced when data was copied and layers referenced a file geodatabase as well.

The error is experienced when run on an mxd that references datasets with no data (schema only).

The data does contain an attachment relationship class (across 1,000's of points) and these attachments are single images, word documents, PDF's etc.

This tool was originally used in a script and I have debugged down to this as the culprit.

Any prior experience with generic errors for creating runtime content would be greatly appreciated.

Standard troubleshooting of background GP & other common causes have been checked.

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FYI, the Create Runtime Content tool will fail and generate this general function error if an ATTACH table is present in the ToC. Removing this ATTACH table resolved the issue. Due to the option 'FEATURE_AND_TABULAR_DATA', the attachments are still present in the resulting runtime.geodatabase regardless.