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09-15-2021 02:39 PM
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Hello esri. ERROR 002952... is this a bug or is this really a part of the new locator? If it is part of the new locator style then it is not truly a single field locator and I need guidance on how to set this up. If it is a bug, how do you suggest we proceed? I have provided some visual aids of my workflow below.

I have searched the posts and all I can find on this topic is one I posted days ago in the IL NG911 GeoNet group. First, let me provide some project background. The IL NG911 data loading project requires all counties to compare ALI data (telco tabular non-geospatial "address data") to Addresses and centerlines to ensure a high level of matching between databases. The State of IL has provided all 911 GIS data maintainers with an ArcGIS Pro license and training on the software. Subsequently, we have been instructed to use Pro. As a part of this project we were provided with some documentation on how to create locators from address points and centerlines and geocode the ALI data using these locators. The specific issue I have run into is when I try to create a single field locator for point addresses, I am getting the error: "ERROR 002952: At least one of the fields 'Point Address.Building Name', 'Point Address.House Number', 'Point Address.House Number From'/'Point Address.House Number To' must be mapped." Basically it is saying to set up a single field locator you must use two fields in ArcGIS Pro. This was not the case in ArcMap and I had successfully set it up and run using the old locator style today. Here's a breakdown of the specific process I am using. I am concatenating several fields in my ALI database as well as in my address points. These two fields are to be used as the single field inputs to the geocoding process. In the new Create Locator geoprocessing tool, the street name field has an asterisk indicating that it is the sole field needed to run the tool. After trying to do this I get the error 002952 as stated above. 


If I add the house number field and change the street name field to a field that does not include the house number, I get the tool to run. "ST_COM_ESN" is a concatenation of legacy street fields, MSAG community, and ESN, while "UNQID" is a concatenation of house number, legacy street fields, MSAG community, and ESN. These are just my naming choices, not that of the state.


Next step I run geocode addresses using the locator I just created in Pro. Note, UNQID2 is correct. It reflects postal code standard changes to street types not in the ALI databases provided by ATT and Bandwidth, and will provide a closer match than the UNQID field in the ALI. This process runs and I find the results acceptable at 88.47%, however, they differ from the results run in ArcMap (91.1% accuracy). All locators have had minimum ‘Match’ and ‘Candidate’ scores set to 100 in the properties as well. You would think the results would be closer if not the same.



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