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create feature class from text files

07-14-2013 10:27 PM
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I have over a hundred csv files with point x,y location and attributes covering a large area. I need to create polygons (circles) based on these points location and their attribute. I need to do it in the batch mode. I tried to reformat the files to GENERATE input file format, then use arcpy.Ascii3DToFeatureClass_3d to create point feature class, but the problem is after converting to point shape file, all the attributes for these points were lost. There is only id column in attribute table of the point shape file. So I can not do buffer to get the circles. Can anyone help on this? Is arcpy.Ascii3DToFeatureClass_3d the correct function for me to use? I am using ArcGis 10.1 and new to python script. Thank you very much.

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If you can generate points with a unique ID that matches records in the csv
Then you can convert your csv to a table and join it to the points on that unique ID.
So, you are really halfway done already.

The simplest way to get attributed points from your files is to use an Insert Cursor
That way you run through each file record and insert that point feature and set of attributes
as a new record in the table.
This requires some python code.
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If you can throw money at the problem then the Data Interoperability extension will let you create your buffer circles with attributes from CSV data, and even let you author a custom format that 'sees' the CSV files like that automatically.  If you need help with this let me know at

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