Converting annotation leader lines to line features

09-22-2014 09:42 AM
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I have an annotation feature class.  Some of the annotation features have leaders.  What I to end up with is a feature class of lines that represent the leader lines from the annotation.

I know that in the past, I have been able to run a geoprocessing tool like Feature To Polygon on my annotation feature class, with the result being polygons for the both text boxes and the leader lines.  For some reason I can't yet figure out, this is not happening with the annotation feature class I am working on now.  The tool is only giving me a polygon for the text box, and nothing for the leader line.  This has been the case using Feature To Line and Feature Envelope To Polygon as well.  I've tried running this using both ArcGIS 10.2 and 10.1, with the same result. 

The only strange thing I have noticed about this annotation feature class is that, when I add it to my ArcMap session, the annotation classes with leaders are automatically turned off in the table of contents.  Also, when I view the annotation feature class in the ArcCatalog preview pane, the leaders do not show up.  All the attributes appear OK (they are placed, have assigned symbol IDs, etc.).

Below is a quick screenshot.  The annotation feature class is showing with its arrow and dot leaders.  The green polygons (on top of the annotation) are the result of the Feature To Polygon tool.  What I really need is for features to be created for the leader lines as in addition to the text boxes... but they are just not made.


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In 10.0 there's a toolbox in the Conversion Tools called Feature Class to Shapefile (multiple) and will convert leader symbols..the unfortunate part is that it converts them to polygons...not sure if that helps you in any way but you could use that as an interim step to go to a polyline.


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Hi Jorge, thanks for your fast reply, and sorry for my slow one.  I've had a chance to dig back into this task.

Having the leader lines in polygon form works for me.  I can make center lines out of the polygon outlines.

I've now had to try doing this for a couple of different annotation feature classes.  Sometimes, Feature to Polygon works fine the first time.  Once, Feature to Polygon did not work, but Feature Class to Shapefile (multiple) did work, so that was a good idea.  But with another annotation feature class, neither works.  I'm stumped as to why this happens so (seemingly) randomly.

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Hello, Is there any way to extract line from the polygons.


I was able to get the polygons....but need the line inside it??
Any idea how to proceed ahead!


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