Confusion with Minimum Bounding Geometry Tool

11-30-2014 06:10 PM
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So I have been trying for quite a while now to convert road polylines into grids of points or polygons based on survey parameters. I have a survey with 10 transverse measurements every 100 ft longitudinally. I have gotten the data into to arcmap and produced single points every 100 ft along the road polyline. I now need to create the traverse points/polygons (either would work) at the locations of the traverse(just a set of points that crosses the street)

I then used the "minimum bounding geometry" to create rectangles at the points. The tool produced 2 squares stacked on top of each other at each point.

How would I get the tool to produce n number of squares (10 for this survey)? I need one polygon or point or something at the location of each traverse measurement!

Getting very frustrated!



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Okay so the "two squares" are actually just one rectangle being crossed by the original line.

So now my question becomes how do I divided this rectangle into n slices?


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