close open polylines and convert to polygons

12-24-2011 09:49 AM
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I have assembled many 1:20K BC TRIM sheets.  These are layers provided by the Government of British Columbia that include lakes, forested areas, glaciers etc.  Data is sheet based and I have joined 29 sheets.  I used the dissolve command to join internal polylines together for conversion to polygons (such as lakes).  How do I treat the edge polylines.  These are the lakes etc that are around the outside boundry of my merged sheets.  How do I close all would be polygons at the edge.  I tried creating a mask layer and merging, but I still don`t know how to close the lakes etc.  It must be in spatial join, but I just can`t see the solution.  I have many layers to convert and it is very time consuming to do it manually.  I have the ArcView level of ArcGIS.

Thanks for any suggestions
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Have you looked at the ArcScripts website? Look at this, it may need tweaking to get it working as it is for an earlier version of ArcView, or it may just work, I've not tried it.

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