Can't export training data for deep learning as PNG chips

06-26-2019 08:02 AM
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I want to use the ArcGIS Pro tool "Export training data for deep learning" on my raster, which has these properties:

I can't choose "png" as image format for the chips. it says error 001523 in the popup.

001523: JPEG compression is only supported for 8-bit unsigned or 16-bit unsigned data with one or th... 

I already tried converting it to a 16bit unsigned integer tiff WITHOUT compression. But it's the same error:

How do I prepare my raster, to be able to export chips as png? Why can't the tool do this for me automatically?

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Have you tried input raster data to be 3 bands instead of using 4 bands?

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Hi Philipp,

I had the same issue when trying to get an object-detection deep learning algorithm to run. I had a 16-bit unsigned orthomosaic with 5 bands. Following Makiko's advice on this thread, I extracted the first three bands (RGB bands), and then compiled them back into an orthomosaic using the "Composite" tool under "Raster Tools." After this, I exported the raster to my working directory as a TIFF file.

I then created my training samples, and exported them as PNG files. I was able to do this with no problem.

 As I am using object detection, I exported them with the Meta Data Format being "PASCAL Visual Object Classes," and it worked just fine.

Hope that helps!

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Why not exporting tiles as .tif format? This would allow  to keep the 4 bands, and to train a Deep learning model on it.

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