calculating the sum of values of points within a polygon

08-03-2011 01:07 AM
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I have a mesh of 1 polygon data (created using the fishnet tool in ArcGIS) and I have four points within each of those square grids. I want to calculate the sum of the values of a particular field associated with those points. So, I am looking for one value within a polygon that is derived by adding the values of a particular field of those four points. Is there any tool in ArcGIS or any script that can help me to achieve this? Any kind of advise will be greatly appreciated.

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You will want to perform a Spatial Join between your points and your polygons. Open the Spatial Join tool in Analysis > Overlay. Your target features are the polygon features. Your Join features are the points. In the "Field Map" display, right-click on the field you want to sum and select "Merge Rule," then select "Sum." The output of the spatial join will include the information you need in a field of the same name in each polygon's row.
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Thanks a lot Michelle! I saw your reply rather late, and had figured it out after some trial and error. Nevertheless, thanks very much!