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Calculate Geometry Crashes ArcMap

12-18-2012 03:48 AM
New Contributor
Every time I try to use the Calculate Geometry tool in the attribute table to calculate the X and Y for the center of polygons it crashes ArcMap. Does anybody else have this problem, and what have you done to fix it? I use it all the time on points and even polylines and it works just fine, but for some reason it doesn't like polygons, and I'm running v10.
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Esri Esteemed Contributor
Hi Colleen,

1.  Does this occur for all polygon feature classes, or just one in particular?

2.  Do you have any service packs installed?  I would recommend installing SP5 if you haven't already.
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New Contributor
So far it has done it on all polygons that I have tried. I'm not sure if I have SP5 or not. I'm supposed to be upgradeing to 10.1 soon, but I just haven't had the time to do it yet. Thanks for your help!
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Esri Contributor

I tested on a v10 SP5 machine and successfully Calculated Geometry for the X and Y coordinates of the centroid with a polygon feature class.  There seems to be something going on with either a) your data or b) your current mapping system.  You may try to:

1) Use the Feature Class to Feature Class tool to make a copy from your polygon layer (to relieve potential corruption within the file)
2) Upgrade to SP5 (you can check which SP you have in ArcMap by going to Help > About ArcMap)

Other things to consider are:
1) What field type are your x and y fields?
2) Where is your data located? (move it local if it is on a network or shared drive and then test it)
3) Are you working in a specific saved MXD file? (open a blank, fresh instance of ArcMap, drag in your one polygon layer, and test the performance, to relieve MXD corruption)

Hope this helps!

Matt Payne
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