Calculate Cross Slope?

10-11-2022 01:54 PM
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I work for TNC and we would like to calculate average and max cross slope of the public trails at our preserves. is there a way in ArcGIS pro to calculate average and max cross slope?


I used polyline trail data and a DEM to calculate the elevation profile for our individual trails, which calculates the average and max running slope. I am assuming I would need a gpsed polygons for our trails taken in the field to calculate cross slope, but am unsure what tools (if any) are available for this calculation.

Thanks for any advice!

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Hi Stephanie.  To get average cross slope I would create transect lines perpendicular to your trails at an appropriate interval and length, and use these to get 'cross' elevation profiles as you've done already.   There is a new transect tool in the sampling toolbox:


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