Bug in Eliminate?

09-07-2017 06:44 AM
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Hey everybody,

we are using ArcGIS 10.4.1 in Version 5686 in an advanced Licence.

We are trying to asign some Poylgons without a value in given colum (grey) to polygons with a value (coloured).  So I was using the Eliminate-fuction (Data management -> genaralize -> eliminate). (maybe there is a better way, please show me).

After selecting all polygons without a value I was running Eliminate. Some of the selected polygons (grey) does not adjoin to the value-polygons. These polygons were merged togehter to lage areas (see result image). The ArcGIS documentation says, this should not happen. Were is my mistake? Or is there a bug?


Thanks a lot in advance!Markus

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I think you are misinterpreting/misunderstanding how Eliminate—Help | ArcGIS Desktop  works.  Is the layer you are working with topologically clean?  It appears the value polygons are overlapping the non-value polygons rather than being nested within them, but it could just be the way I am interpreting the screenshots.

Can you take a portion of the screenshot and describe what you expect for the outcome versus what you are getting? 

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Yes, the Layer is topologically clean. There is no overlapping.

What I have done, was:

  • I have the coloured areas
  • building the negative areas in between to fill the space
  • splitting the negative area by some parameters

The dokumentation says:

"Only selected polygons will be merged with a neighboring unselected polygon (by dropping the shared border). A selected polygon will not be merged with a neighboring selected polygon."

And Thats what I expected: the grey polygons should be merged with the coloured, if there is a border. If i run tihs some times, all grey polgons are merged with a coloured polygon.

I expected something like this (well... merged, that means without borders of course):

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