Automating optimal placement of horizontal wells

04-03-2013 07:49 AM
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I am a GIS student completing a project for determining the optimal placement of horizontal wells (drilling) based on a set of engineering rules. The project is for an external client and not standard course curriculum.

I will need to automate the drawing of new lines (horizontal drills) from polygons (well pads) based on a set of provided rules (buffers between all drill lines), as well as interact with other vector features such as stopping at 100m of the end of a quarter section boundary or not stopping at or under a road allowance.

I have taken an ESRI tutorial on Linear Referencing and have tried using COGO editing tools. These will be helpful but at this point I am having difficulty with just the basics of drawing the lines and moving them based on direction/angle/buffer with the context of the rules provided.

The rules are:
-Well paths must 200m apart from each other
-Start and end 100m from land or holding boundary
-Max 8 wells/pad
-Pads 240M by 120M
-Spacing 4 wells/section(640 acres) or I well/Quarter section(160Acres)
-100m from quarter sec boundary

Any help with line editing or similar existing models etc?
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Can anyone chime in with any other advice for vector editing. Also anyone with Oil & Gas experience, have you seen anything similar? Does this seem like too lofty a goal for student fairly new to geoprocessing? Thanks!
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