ArcMap 10.1 How can I run multiple ring buffer faster?

07-29-2014 08:11 AM
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Hello folks. I apologize if I am not in the correct Forum.

I have a polyline feature (8 MB). I am running the Multiple Ringer Buffer
Tool in ArcMap 10.1.

The tool is still running since last night 8:00 PM. My computer processor is
Intel CORE i5, 4G Ram Memory.

Could you tell me what is the fastest processor (cores?), Ram Memory,
motherboard that makes sense for me?

Thank you very much in advance.

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It seems a bit odd that the process is taking so long.

How many features are you processing and how many buffer distances?

What dissolve option are you using with the tool?

I would also try Checking and Repairing Geometry to see if there are any issues in the data.

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As a test I applied a multiple ring buffer on about 20,000 features using 3 distance values and the tool is still running after 3 hours. I will let you know how long it takes when the process completes.

As far as computer specs go - ArcGIS is a single threaded application and will only use a single core for a process. So raw processor speed is better than more cores.

There is a good article here that goes into detail  - Choose Right Hardware for Faster ArcGIS - GeoHardware - Geographic Information Science Forum

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