ArcGIS 10 - Passing Collected Values to Muli-Buffer in Model Builder

08-11-2011 10:50 AM
New Contributor III
Please see attached model. The model is supposed to generate a list of values based on the Iterator FOR. Once the values have been computed the Multiple Ring Buffer script should access the list and continue but it doesn't.

If I run just the first part of the model up till the "Output" it shows the correct list of values but as soon as I connect "Output" to "Multiple Ring Buffer" the script does not run correctly by passing each value separately to the "Multiple Ring Buffer" script.  So if there is supposed to be a 30 value list it will run the tool 30 times instead of just once with a list of 30 values.

Any ideas? I know the Multi Ring Buffer script is a bit flaky but I don't see why it will not take a computed list of values.

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