Append Feature Class with Attachments Not Working

03-28-2018 09:02 AM
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Good Morning:

    A little background on what I am working on and what I am trying to accomplish. First thing, I have a Working File GDB that I maintain all of our company's assists (Electric and Water Data). All of the edits and modifications are done from this GDB. I am the only editor in the company, so I am the only one that works on this GDB. Now, I have a second File GDB that is on our internal server (another File GDB) that is used to provide the GIS Data to the ArcReader .PMF file for our Operational staff. Basically goes from Working GDB to Production GDB to .PMF in ArcReader. The biggest struggle that I have been having is when I need to update the Production GDB, I have to have everyone exit ArcReader and close any .PMFs due to a schema lock. There could be around 10 different people using the same .PMF at the same time, which makes updates difficult. 

   I recently found out that I can use the TRUNCATE Tool and APPEND tool to "copy" data from the Working GDB to the Production GDB with it still being open. Sounds great. However, 1 step forward, 2 steps back...

   The problem I am now having is dealing with the Feature Class(s) that have attachment(s). I am testing a new process with Model Builder that I Truncate a Feature Class in the Production GDB and then Append from the Working to the Production GDB. The problem is with the feature class(s) with attachments and in one particular feature class, only about half of the attachments in the ATTACH Table are being transferred. I attempted to truncate the ATTACH table and then append from the Working to Production. That was wrong. 

   I am starting to understand that the ObjectID for the same location between the Working and Production GDB are different/changing. I know some people are saying, well yeah duh.... 

   To sum up this novel, I am trying to find a way better way to accomplish this task...Copying the Working GDB features and ALL attachments to the Production GDB without allowing the ObjectID to change. I have been doing some investigating in using a Global ID field, but unsure exactly how that would work out with the attachments feature.

Any advice and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

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