Allow User to Draw Feature in Model Builder

11-30-2012 12:02 PM
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I was looking through the 'Clip and Ship' example in the GP Service Examples and noticed that they had created a parameter (an in-memory Feature Set) that allows the user to draw a polygon on the map that the model then uses. This would be very useful in some of my other models but I don't see how they created the variable.

To push things out the door I can copy/paste the parameter that they created but I want to figure out how to create this variable from scratch. I have tried creating a variable and setting the properties equal to what is in the ClipAndShip model but that doesn't even work. If, however, after setting all of the properties I paste the variable from the ClipAndShip example then my variable also starts working. Clearly there is something that I'm missing and hopefully it's a simple piece that I'm overlooking.
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Does the documentation help?  Start with the Quick Tour of Feature and Record set topic.  I think it'll answer all your questions.
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