All geoprocessing tools hang after failed function

11-13-2019 06:31 PM
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I was trying to run a Spatial Analyst function and now I cannot run any geoprocessing tools.  The function was considered "Did not Run" - all I got was an hour glass in Results.  Now I cannot run anything.

Things I've tried:

Restarting computer

Restarting ArcGIS

Turning off internet

Using a different mxd. 

Running as administrator.

I'm on Windows 7, version 10.2.2.  I did update my computer 2 weeks ago (only rarely do it manually).

Please help!  I was trying hard to finish a project and now cannot do anything.

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Windows Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, select Repair (under remove) from the options to see if it has an easy fix

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Thanks for the reply, Dan.  I went through with the Repair, but alas, nope - can't even execute a simple Buffer.  so frustrating.  Is the only hope a re-install?

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