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03-15-2017 09:01 AM
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The Esri UK Technical Research team has created some new Google Chrome extensions to simplify searching the Esri Help pages which will be really useful to the Esri Support community. They can be found here:

To use them, type one of the keywords (enterprise, online. devs & desktop) into the Google Chrome Omnibox then hit tab or space to initialize the extension. E.g. Desktop > tab > Merge returns results for the term "Merge" from the ArcGIS Desktop help.

Great job, Esri UK!

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Great resource, thank you Lars Schmitz‌! 

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In addition to the above extensions, there are also other nifty ones such as:

Worldview: Worldview - Chrome Web Store

Echo for ArcGIS: Echo for ArcGIS - Chrome Web Store

Map Services Enhanced: Map Services Enhanced - Chrome Web Store

ArcGIS Organization Styler: ArcGIS Organization Styler - Chrome Web Store

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