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What could cause a User to be in conflict with their self?

10-24-2016 06:34 AM
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We currently work in a versioned environment with ArcGIS 10.3.2.  We have been experiencing some problems when we posting and reconciling each version.  The User is in conflict with himself.  Doesn't anybody have any idea how or why this could be happening?  Below is an image taken from the conflict manager.  Clearly the feature has been change but because it was the same person editing the feature I can't see how he could be in conflict with himself.

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I don't have a perfect answer and neither did ESRI, but I'll give you our best explication.  If the the user makes an edit then posts to the QC and stops editing, then goes back to the same feature and edits it again, stops and saves edits.  That evening our nightly script runs that post and reconciles all versions to the QC then to the default, for some reason that causes the the database to throw a conflict.  I know this isn't a perfect answer and it doesn't really make sense, seeing as how the delta tables should be keeping track of the edits and edit sessions, but this is the best reason that we have come up with.  We haven't had the problem in a while, it just went away.  We have told all of our editors to:

  1. complete the whole process if they are going to post and reconcile periodically throughout the day. 
  2. If possible try and refrain from posting and reconciling during the day, simple save you edits and stop editing.  The process runs every night and people will see the changes you made the next day
  3. Don't leave an edit session open when you leave for the day.

These are the types of practices that we have implemented to mitigate this problem from reoccurring.

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Thanks for the reply.

I think I am stumping ESRI as well.  Our setup is pretty simple. We don't have any named versions; all of our editors edit the default version directly and somehow a user is getting conflicts on her own edits after hitting the save button (implicit reconcile and post).

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