Un-version a Replica Enterprise GDB for Survey123?

05-11-2022 12:50 PM
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Is it possible to un-version a Replica of a versioned EGDB?

My attempt is to isolate certain datasets from my 'dev' egdb (used for desktop editing), and use this 2-way replica gdb 'field' in order to set up some Survey123 field apps to collect data. The idea behind this is, I can push data I collect in the office up to our publication  'pub' & 'field' gdb, while the 'field' replica can push the data back to my 'dev' for QA/QC before I push that up to 'pub'.

Unfortunately, Survery123 does not accept data from a versioned gdb, and I believe in the process of replication, it takes on the parents versioning.

When attempting to Manage > Uncheck Versioning, I am constantly being told there is a schema lock? Since that is not possible since currently only I have access to it, and nothing else is open, I believe that lock is the replica link to the parent gdb?

If there is a different way to do this, I am open to suggestions.

Thank you.


Using ArcPro 2.9, Server 10.7

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