Copy archive from traditional to branch versioned table

05-12-2022 05:32 AM
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I have to move my Enterprise GDB to a new server (both Microsoft SQL).

In the old database, I used traditional versioning and had archiving enabled. In the new database, I switched to branch versioning.


I would like to port my old archives.


I could copy the Database.DataOwner.Table_H tables to the new database, but this way, the old archive and the data would be separated and I would clutter my pristine workspace.

So I want to copy the rows of the old archive tables into the new tables.

As I see it, the field mapping would be

New branch versioned tableOld archive table
GDB_IS_DELETE1 (the current entries are already there, so only copy rows where GDB_TO_DATE < '9999-12-31')


My questions are:

  • Is this reasonable or a stupid idea?
  • What would the value for GDB_BRANCH_ID be? -1?
  • Can I access the versioning fields with arcpy? arcpy.ListFields() and arcpy.da.*Cursor() don't expose them.
  • Do you have any other advice?

Have a great day!
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