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Support for PostgreSQL/PostGIS table inheritance in arcgis?

08-24-2018 08:02 AM
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I am building a postgreSQL/postGIS database and integrating it with ArcGIS for map visualisation and presentation in Online. I  have an Advanced licence (ie. not server). I have established the connection to the database and regular spatial data displays fine in both arcmap and Pro. The problem arises with table inheritance data, where I get an error that ArcGIS cannot read/draw any of the attributes, and the layer + attribute table therefore comes up empty.  So for example, I have a parent table called 'watersources',  and three child tables, which hold mainly the spatial data (point, line and polygons) and then inherits the attribute fields from the parent 'watersources' table. This works fine in postGIS, ie I can query the 'waterpolygon' table  without having to join it with the water sources table. Everything appears as if it was in one table. However, switching over to arcmap or pro the waterpolygon is completely empty, save for the column headings. I have also tested it in QGIS - and here there is no problem displaying the postGIS inheritance tables, so I wonder if it is because Arcgis does not have support for this -or if there is a work-around that I need to do?


Best Rikke

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Hi @RikkeHammer , did you have any luck with this? 

Did you try adding the parent table to ArcGIS Pro as an SQL Query layer?

Thanks, Kirk

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