Streetmap Premium access denied

09-27-2019 01:09 PM
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I want to use the streetmap premium dataset. But when I want to add the "routing/routing_ND" to may arcmap, it shows me that "access denied" and when I want to use other data in this dataset, I can access the data. How could I solve this problem?


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Really dumb question but did you purchase the routing license? Routing is a separate charge and Esri will include the routing as part of the delivered FGDB when Streetmap Premium is purchased but if you are not licensed to use routing it will not work. That is the case for our agency: we purchased Streetmap Premium and the Routing_ND is included in the FGDB but we are not licensed to use it.

If you did purchase the routing license then a call to support is advised.

Hope this helps.

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Have you added the data license for Street Map Premium;

This would have been provided when the SMP was purchased.

--- George T.
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