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Slow access to File GDB on network share after copying the database?

09-23-2016 07:24 AM
Occasional Contributor II

Hi, we're using ArcMap 10.2.2 (on various Windows platforms) with filebased GDBs that sit on a Windows fileserver (running WS 2008 R2 or WS 2012 R2, doesn't seem to make a difference).

Initially, performance is adequate, but sometimes our workflow requires that we make a copy of the file GDB while ArcMap is running, and after that, access to the database slows down dramatically. It doesn't seem to matter whether that copy is made from ArcMap or from another process, and stopping that second process doesn't improve things, either.

We did some research into this phenomenon (with Sysinternals Process Monitor) and it looks to me like a second access to the various files seems to change the caching behaviour of ArcMap: File access times increase significantly, and network traffic increases.

I realize this is more of a windows than an ArcGIS question, but maybe someone has come across this before, or can point me to some ressource that can explain and preferrably prevent this behaviour.

Restarting ArcMap solves the problem, but given the workflow context, that's a very cumbersome workaround that makes a lot of people very unhappy...

Thanks, Martin

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