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Schema Locks - Oracle

08-22-2016 06:53 AM
Occasional Contributor

Schema Locks Grayed Out for the Data Owner and Geodatabase Administrator. I'm trying to identify all the locks that exist on a feature class using ArcCatalog. Its an Orancle Database on which I running these operations. I've attached the screenshot for more information. Please let me know what might be causing this strange behaviour on the geodatabase. Thanks. 

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Esri Contributor

Hi Rama,

You got all permission right once you followed Asrujit's suggestion. In Arcatalog, you can use filter to get feature class and it's locks. If you can not see, then close Arccatalog and reopen to try again. Sometimes, Arcatalog cache it out and you may not see update information on the same session.

If you still have issue, then log a tech support call.



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