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PostgreSQL connection issue (Was: Getting PostGis geometries into ArcMap)

06-11-2015 12:03 PM
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[This question was branched from a previous question - VJA]

Hello Michael , I realized you could connect the postgresql with arcgis , I would like some help if possible.
I'm trying to connect postgresql 9.1 / 2.0 postgis with Arcgis 10.3 and I'm not succeeding . When I'll try the connection in ArcCatalog the following message appears . "Failed to connect to the specified server . Continue? You can not connect to the database because the client software failed initialization. Make sure that the database client software is installed and configured correctly. "

Follow the procedures in this link: 1.jpg

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Diego Varela​ The issue that you are observing is different from what this original Post was created for. You should have posted your issue as a new Question.

Looking at your issue, it seems to be a client files issue. However 10.3 Desktop should automatically have those.

I am attaching a copy of the required Client files from a Desktop 10.3 installation at my end. Copy these to the Desktop>Bin folder at your end and then check if that helps.

NOTE: Keep a copy of the Bin folder from your end as backup, if you are trying the above.

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Thanks Asrujit, I apologize for not having created another post. I managed to make the connection to the ArcGIS 10.3 thanks to the DLL files that you sent me. However , I can not edit the postgresql files, the message " early edition has encountered one or more layers with errors or warnings and can not continue " appears in the " START EDITING " and appears in the description field the following messages " no editable layer " and " The desktop containing this data can not be edited ."arcgis 3.jpg

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