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Method to identify Version(s) of a feature / object

01-14-2016 09:08 AM
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Workflow: We have a multi-version SDE GDB (10.2.2) for our landbase.  Editing of buildings, roads etc. is handled through a set of systematically named versions by multiple users.  Simultaneously, some other user might be updating city boundary or its attribute(s) in a different version.

The Building & road feature classes have attributes to indicate which city the feature belongs to.  These attribute in the building / road FC are updated from the attributes if City Boundary FC in which the building / road falls.  This scheme helps improve performance of most applications as Spatial Queries are avoided in favour of Attribute Queries.

The challenge being faced is when a city boundary / attribute is updated, the building features in it need to be spatially selected and relevant attribute needs to be updated in the version which .  This poses 2 problems:

  1. Long edit time for spatial selection and update of several thousand buildings within the changed City Boundary
  2. Conflicts with several versions in which some of the buildings in that city might have been edited.
  3. Long reconcile / Post time

One of the ideas to overcome the conflicts was to identify the version of each building falling in the city and update the attribute in such edit version instead of the common City version. 

  We need to find any method / script which could allow identification of all versions (except DEFAULT) in which a feature has been edited.

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