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image file storage.

01-14-2016 02:47 AM
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Dear All,

i have one point this layer i have some buissness attributes and one attribute is image file for that point in png format.i have to make arcgis server application in future.i have to give the user editing option from arcgis server app.user can add new point from arcgis server app.and also add image for new points.where should i place this image file.make attribute column for this and store image data in the feature class.or just store the path in geodatabase.i want editor template there should browse option when user add the new please advised me for the better option.

thanks in advance.

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Hello Nadir,

Are you looking to add attachments to features. Please check the following links for details.

Enabling attachments—ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

Adding attachments to features—ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

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Re: image file storage.

dear jayanta.poddar

thanks for your reply.but i think you did not under stand my question.i have one layer with some attribute is its how can i store this image for each feature.because for each feature i have one image.Other task is that i have to create webapplication for this data.i have to give editing option on this that user can add new features from that app.if i will use feature template for adding new foreach feature ihave also attach an image for new feature.i want browse option should be there on editor please help in this matter.


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You have placed your question in the Geodatabase place, perhaps you can move it to one of the places which deals with web applications once you have decided on what type of application and the development language you wish to use and how to deploy it.  I have attached the GeoNet community structure to assist in your choice

GeoNet Community Structure