Looking for tools to analyze a geometric network

07-07-2020 04:26 AM
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Hello everyone,

We are using ArcGIs desktop 10.7.

We are currently looking for tools in ArcDesktop or ArcGIS Online to perform the following analysis:

  • When closing a Force Main line, how can we find all the Pump Stations discharging in this force main. Or in a more general way when closing a line or a portion or a line, how can we find the points that have a flow that goes directly to this line.
  • When closing valves to close the flow into Force Mains, how can we find alternative routes, may be sometimes using gravity lines. In a general way, how can we find alternative routes when closing flow in a point  
  • Pump Station Cascade paths. How can we identify all pump stations that  are used in sewer collection to go from a specific Pump Station to a Treatment Plant.  We may have 5 levels of cascading:  Psa -->  Psb --> Psc  …..  -> Treatment Plant. In a more general way how many points of a specific kind, are we going to find between a property and the final destination, in this case a treatment plant 


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