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postgres datastore

07-04-2020 06:56 PM
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I have the datastore folder and i need to connect to the postgresql  beause i need to modify a record because it doesn't connect to de datastore server after and server patch  .

i have the :

database name


password  ( encrypted i guess it use scram-sha-256)

 but dont know how to connect using this password o how to decrypt

or how to create a .SDE file  with that information


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not sure what do you mean by "i need to modify a record". But you can use the ArcGIS Datastore command line utilities to manage datastores. All utilities must be run on the ArcGIS Data Store machine. You can find the utilities in the <ArcGIS Data Store installation directory>\datastore\tools directory and have to run these tools as administrator.

The listadminusers utility returns the user names and passwords for the administrator, replica owner, and geodatabase administrator of a relational data store. To get the syntax type the utility name followed by - help.