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How to upload large amounts of data to Arc GIS Online to use for a map? (8 gigs of pdf's)

06-18-2019 07:54 AM
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Hello, I work for a utility company in Carthage, MO. I am currently working on a project to create a map on Arc GIS Online to store all our our archive drawings so that our field crew members can readily access them. This will greatly benefit our crews whenever something happens such as a main break, they can then use this map to see where a water main is located or any data that may help them on whatever they are working on. So I am trying to upload a large amount of data (pdf's) to Arc GIS online to then put on a map. What is the best way to go about doing this? I believe the total size that I am trying to upload is around 8 gigs. 

Thank you!

Billy Mendell

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You really are better off not doing that.

As a possibility.

Convert your PDF's to TIFF and place them in a database and link them to the the locations.

Do you have an way to match each drawing up to a specific location. I imagine your are talking possibly thousands of drawings.

You may be able to reverse engineer an attachment table.  Normally when you create attachments it links the attachment to a specific feature.  The relationship is via a relationship id.  But if you could specify a generic relationship in the attachment and relate it to a unique attribute in your feature you may be able to load tiffs or jpgs into the attachment table. 

This will most likely create a LOT of log files that will need to be removed 

you also might be better off creating a single pdf of your drawings that are indexed and distributing that. 

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Are you referring to a geodatabase? Also I do have all of these pdf's attached to there specific locations using the the attachment tool in arc map. When I have tried to upload the geodatabase into Arc GIS Online it will just keep loading and not actually upload the file. 

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