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Geodatabase Datasets and Feature Classes renaming

05-12-2020 10:25 AM
New Contributor

I have a very a unique question IMHO. I have a geodatabase that HAS several datasets with the same name except for a date (i.e. xxx_xxx_5_12_19). Under each dataset, there are 3 feature classes with have the SAME name under the each datasets (i.e May 2019 FC's are named the same under Feb 2019 FC's).  I needed to edit new data which comes in monthly. I created a new dataset with the current month's date. I then imported the previous months data to add/edit the information. Since I was going to be working between two monthly datasets, I wanted to make sure I edited the correct copies of FC's, thus I added the same date to the FC's. Unbeknownst to me (didn't really pay attention because I was working remotely via VPN), ALL the older FC's under the Datasets (with dates), dates where added also. I did this through ArcCatalog. There is no relationships to this data and no "turns". I thought I could just rename the FC's to remove the dates, I get an error stating that there is that FC already named that feature name. I should note that I DO have the original dataset with no date and FC's with no dates either (it was like this even before I started). What I do NOT understand is two things 1) why would dates be added to the old datasets when I did not execute that function but only to the current dated FC's? and 2) I have my IT department restore 2 of the older datasets before I made the change AND then viewed those geodatabases in ArcCatalog and the dates are there also. Could it be a setting in the server? I did note by just viewing the data in MS explorer, there are some locks in place. But reluctant to remove those. NOTE: No issues with the data itself. The data is used for a map service that is published on our Portal. It has no issues displaying. Should I have copied the FC's instead of using import? I researched that is it shouldn't have made a difference.

Thank you for your assistance.

Beverly Richey

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