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From data table to spatial view

05-01-2020 08:48 PM
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Hi all ,

I have an a table with x, y coordinates in my DB oracle .  that I have an a  GDB on for my spatial side, how can I convert that table to a point layer inside my GDB. I have tried doing a view but it is still a nonspatial datatable when I view it in desktop arcmap
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Hi Pamela, 

If you go to 'Add Data' and point to your table, it will then get added to ArcMap Table of Contents (TOC) on the left-hand-side.

If you then right click on the table, go to 'Display XY' where a popup will then appear for you to specify your coordinate columns and coordinate system (be very aware of the coordinate system you are using, is it lat long or NAD etc?). when you click 'OK' the data should be displayed spatially in your map frame.

At the moment, that data is only being displayed on the fly and does not 'exist' in a spatial context.  The final step is to right-click on the newly added displayed data in the TOC and --> Data --> export Data to save it as a shapefile (.shp) or a feature class within a GDB.

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Hi Dave , It is a possibility but in postgres I have seen that through a line like this in the view , it is possible to give it the spatial reference

st_point((table.attrlong)::double precision, (table.attrlatt)::double precision, 4326) AS shape

Although I already configured the library I am still looking for the same in oracle.

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I've not implemented it myself but

Spatially Enabling a Table 

Looks promising.

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by Anonymous User
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Hi Pamela

You can use sde.st_point or sde.st_geometry for creating the spatial view. Make sure you add anumeric unique identifier (similar to an OBJECTID field).

You can also try "Make query layer" from ArcGIS Desktop, but this do not create the view in the database, so in the mxd...


Jesús de Diego

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Hi Jesus , Do you have an example or reference for how to generate a spatial view from a table ( points coord(x y) ) using the sde.st_point or sde.st_geometry in oracle.

Thanks in advanced

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Hi Pamela, here's an example based on one that's worked for me:

SELECT ID, sde.st_geometry(device_longitude,device_latitude,null,null,4326) SHAPE, JOB_NUMBER

FROM the_source_non_spatial_table;

Database people will have to excuse me if the syntax is poorly done, I'm a bit of an amateur at it. 

I guess you can do a similar thing in an Insert or Update statement to make it a permanent point feature class. When you do that you're supposed to create the ObjectID the right way, there's a reference here:

How To: Populate an ArcSDE maintained row ID column when inserting a new ST_Geometry feature with SQ... 

Hope this helps!


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Select * into tablename from view

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