Error 003050 on saving calculation rule

03-23-2022 03:18 PM
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I'm looking to automate certain fields within a feature class using attribute calculation rules. My first rule is as follows:

var fields = FeatureSetByName($datastore, "ref_Cadastral_Denbury_Field", ["FIELD_NAME"], True)

var intersect = Intersects(fields, Geometry($feature))

var field = First(intersect)

return IIf(IsEmpty(field), null, field.FIELD_NAME);

The error message is "ERROR 003050: DBMS does NOT support this function"

Assuming this is referring to FeatureSetByName, as I have set other rules based without this before and had not issue.

Is this a database version issue? I'm currently on 18.1

I can achieve what I want with Python, but I'd really like this to be an automatic process rather than a scheduled one. Thank you in advance for any replies.

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That code works for me no problem (at first I thought Arcade might be baulking at the use of variable names that could be reserved words...I.E. "field" and "fields"), but in SQL Server at least that is not the case (I'm assuming you are talking about Oracle 18.1). 

I'm not much of an Oracle person.  Can you tell me about the "ref_Cadastral_Denbury_Field" layer (I'm assuming feature class).  Is it in the same geodatabase as the feature class you are adding or editing $feature to/in?  Who owns "ref_Cadastral_Denbury_Field"?  Do you have permission to use it? 

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We are using a SQL server, 18.1 was a typo. I meant Enterprise version 10.8.1.

ref_Cadastral_Denbury_Field is a feature class consisting of my companies operating areas. My objective is to run an intersect with these to capture the area name, or 'field' name. And yes, both my target $feature and field feature class are in the same GDB. I do have the correct permissions, and this script works great in field calculator. This error only occurs when saving it as a calculation rule.

While troubleshooting I was able to get it to save on a mock GBD set up with branch versioning. I'm wondering if attribute rules using global functions, like FeatureSetByName, are limited to only Branch. I'm not too interested in converting this GBD over to Branch at this time, so hopefully this is not the issue.

I'll continue troubleshooting today. If you have any recommendations I would would greatly appreciate the input.

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Rob, In case you aren’t aware, there is also an Attribute Rules community where you can ask questions like these.

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Thanks, I may try posting there after giving this thread some time. I do think my issue is more of a GDB issue, but the attribute rule community may be better fit for this specific error.

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