Create Geodatabase Replica Error 003129: Version Not Found

08-31-2021 12:20 AM
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We are encountering an error when trying to create another 2 way replica in an Enterprise Geodatabase (MS SQL Server 2019) in ArcGIS Pro. The error reads Error 003129: Create Replica Error: Version Not Found  [DBO.SYNC_SEND_10201_0]

Just to give you a background, here are the activities we have done previously that might have caused the issue:

1. We created created a 2way replica that we needed to unregister and register a couple of times due to some schema changes

2. The 2 way replica was created using ArcMap, in a Staging environment (due to some issues we encountered in using the tool in the previous versions of ArcGIS pro)

3. We created the Parent and Child databases hosted in a MS SQL Server 2019

4. Other types of replicas are also created from the parent database to support the workflows of the end users (1-way Parent to child, and Check-out replicas)


After successfully deploying the first set of replicas, we needed to create another 2-way replica to support a new workflow of the end-users wherein they only needed to synchronize the changes of a specific feature class within the Child Database. And that's where we encountered the error.

Hoping you can give us more insights on this. Thanks in advance!



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